Folk America Folk and Outsider Art

Howard Finster
Youth of Abraham 4000-709, 1985

Welcome to Folk America which resulted from our passion for collecting folk art in the early 1980's, when we first met Reverend Howard Finster. We offer a wide selection of 20th Century American Folk, Self-Taught, Outsider and Visionary Art, with a particular emphasis on the South.

Folk America has available for purchase over one thousand five hundred works by more than fifty artists, including Andrea Badami, Georgia Blizzard, Burgess Dulaney, Minnie Evans, Howard Finster, Raymond Coins, Ted Gordon, Dilmus Hall, Bessie Harvey, B.F. Perkins, Mary T. Smith, Jimmy Lee Sudduth, Mose Tolliver and Purvis Young. Please feel free to contact us with your particular interests.

Rev. B.F. Perkins
Cherokee Love Birds

Anonymous Folk Art

Folk America Folk and Outsider Art
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